After picking up our fruits in the optimal state of ripeness (so-called technological ripeness), those should be properly stored in order to preserve their quality as long as possible. Fruits are stored in the most modern order ULO (Ultra Low Oxygen) freezers that provide high-quality product storage using fine temperature and humidity regulation, as well as the fine regulation of the composition of gases in the chamber.

We use grading facility Greefa for sorting.

The capacity of the machine is 2t per hour and has 13 outputs. Apples can be classified according to their size and weight.

Apples are classified according to weight only class in case of packaging in Bushel because it is important there are precisely 18 kg in the box.

By using this technology the physiological processes in the apple are slowed down, which expands the shelf life of apples. Therefore, market supplies are extended to most of the year.