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Apples make most of our production. The area of plantations with apples is increasing year after year, whereas the orchard is being enriched with new varieties which are tested on demonstration plots. We sell most of the products abroad, and a smaller part having the same quality is sold on the domestic market.

Apples assortment

  • Gala
  • Golden (Rainders, Pinkgold, Clon B)
  • Granny Smith
  • Story
  • Idared
  • Bellida
  • Braeburn
  • Dalinette
  • Daliryan
  • Early Red
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100% natural

Thanks to a healthy, unpolluted climate and an integrated production approach that includes minimal use of chemical preservatives, the quality of our apples is at the highest level. Fruit analysis in European quality control institutes showed a far lower level of pesticides than allowed. 

Apple - The elixir of health

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – You might have heard this many times. Are apples so healthy to claims them as a super food? Yes, they are among the healthiest foods termed as super foods due to their nutritional value.

Apples are rich in antioxidants, fiber and flavonoids. These high combinations of nutrients make them a top health food. Many researches have proved that apples provide complete health benefits and prevents many diseases. Thus an apple a day keeps the doctor away !

The apple contains, in addition to water, sugar, pectin, vitamins A, B and C and organic acids such as malic, citric, formic and carpone. Unlike other types of fruit, apples are easy to store, withstand long-term storage and can therefore be eaten fresh all year round.

As fresh apple contains a lot of pectins, which absorbs water and toxic products in the intestines, so apple nectar removes toxins from the body. Nutritionists especially recommend the so-called “apple day” when only apples are eaten and apple juice is drunk, thus removing the “slag” that has accumulated in the body under the influence of foods of animal origin. The body does not lose anything in this way because the apple, with about 600 calories, provides the necessary daily energy and refreshes after the daily diet. Pectin has a good effect on the intestinal mucosa, and with other ingredients, apple is a mild and harmless remedy against constipation and diarrhea, especially in summer in children.

Experts claim that two apples a day lowers blood fat levels, prevents arteriosclerosis and heart attack, and recommends an apple at every meal. Also, research has shown that fresh apples are a suitable remedy against low blood pressure, so it is necessary to eat two or three apples every day.

Apples are also very important for dental care. By consuming them, you refresh your mouth and instantly end hunger, and by nibbling, you massage your gums and keep your teeth shiny and white. So eat one apple every night before bed. Experts suggest at least 30 to 40 pounds a year.

Apples are also medicinal because of the cellulose fibers and some other substances that affect the faster emptying of the intestines, which is weakened due to insufficient physical activity, especially in the elderly. It can also be used to increase the appetite of infants who are bored with a monotonous diet.

Apple juice is a refreshing drink. It is useful for health because it has all the healing properties as the apple fruit itself. From apples you can also get cider (apple brandy), apple cider vinegar, wine, it can be used to make jam, compote, can be candied, dried into chips, cakes, make the famous calvados – a strong drink, tastes similar to wine and brandy.